I started the Windows Tips Club in 2010 from my FixyaTipsandTricks blogspot
soon after I registered the -dotcom sadly this was hacked and stolen in 2016
 however my orginal FixYa account,official Windows Tips Club Blogspot 
and all associated social media links are still alive please click on the 
social media buttons above for the full list of official links. 
I still own the SpideRaYsfoNtS typeface foundry and create 
many donationware fonts for CharityFonts

NB: There is a fake website hosting under the name windowstipsc1ub:
 on the -dotcom; streetsoflaredocom on wordpress and windowstipsclub on tumblr
we have sucessfully closed them down on twitter,pinterest and facebook.
Sadly they decided to renew their FAKE -dotcom on the 20th Sept 2017
please don't entertain them and block them on your firewall...
I am in the process of attempting a DMCA take down of the 
stolen domain name so I remain hopeful that I can remove
this fake domain from the search engines.

Please help by clicking the PayPal link below